Home Security Systems Alarms Guide-Security Landscaping For Your Property

Landscaping defines and identifies your yard as your space, and also serves to help direct visitors. Security landscaping  furthermore aims at deterring unwanted visitors. Find more home security tips for your home and property with a professional home security installation.

Fencing and Security Landscaping in your area

Prune tree limbs high enough to prevent passage over fences and eliminate thick bushes that could conceal a passageway in a fence. Thick foliage also reduces surveillance into a yard in your property.

Security Landscaping in Kuala Lumpur - Home Security Systems Alarms Guide

Consider using a fence that you can see through rather than a solid fence, keeping in mind that the ability to see and be seen is integral in maximizing home security in your area. It also eliminates one place for a criminal to hide.

Security Landscaping – Gates


Padlock gates that provide access into your yard. Gates that have open visibility rather than solid ones are most effective, and all gates should be illuminated so that those using them can be seen.

Security Landscaping – Roofs and Trees


Eliminate or trim trees that provide access to rooftops and balconies. Limbs near the house should be trimmed, also reducing clogged rain gutters and drains.

Trees and Shrubs

Keep shrubs trimmed low in planters and use plants below two feet in parking areas, not letting them grow taller than three feet. Prune trees up from the ground creating a canopy no lower than five to six feet, allowing vision through the trees and low-profile plants. Make certain that the landscaping in your local area does not compromise the efficiency of the lighting.

Entranceways and Porches

Keep shrubs low or clear them out of entrances, and trim shrubs away from address numbers. Remove bushes and shrubs that could provide a hiding area for a criminal in your local area.

Security Windows

Keep shrubs below window ledge level to prevent someone from hiding while tampering with your window. Consult a landscaping expert in your local area to make sure you are using appropriate plants. Security plants around windows can also deter a would-be thief.

Security Plants

Security plants have prickly leaves or thorns and can be used to discourage gaining access over fences and through windows. Use them in conjunction with fences to reduce concealment and loitering.